Web Design For A Small Business

There are many small businesses that still think they do not need or can not afford a website.
This misconception is very common and understandable but also very wrong.

Nowadays people use their phones, tablets or computer at home to do research about everything.

If your business can not be found online you are missing out on customers and revenue.

Affordable web design

One of the most heard reasons that a small business has no website is that they can not find a company that does web design for an affordable price.

Web design starts with simply determining what you need and many small businesses over estimate their needs.

Do you really need a website with a bunch of pages and all bells and whistles?

NO! On average your customers do not expect this.
A clean website that tells them what your business is about with a contact page and product page is most of the time enough.

Why is it so expensive to have a website

Many companies that built websites take advantage of the fact that you do not know anything about the technical part of building a website.

They use technical terms like HTML, PHP, stylesheets, etc to impress you. That is like taking your car to the shop and your mechanic is telling you all about all the parts and tools he needs and you got no idea what he is talking about.

What do you need on your website

A basic website does not have to be complicated.

You have 10 seconds to catch the attention of a visitor so it is important to have a very appealing home page since this is where most visitors come to first.

So what you need is:

  • Appealing home page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy page
  • About us page
  • Page that shows your products

This is basically all you need to satisfy your customers with your website.

Of course you can always add more, but this is the basics and very affordable when you look at my prices.

My approach to building an affordable website for any small business

I will listen to your knowledge about your business and what is important to tell the visitors to your website.

  • I will do everything in close contact with you
  • I will design or use a header or logo for your business
  • I will built you website in a timely manor

As a small business owner and experienced with web design, I understand that your time is limited and there are many things to do in a days work.

That is why I will not bother you with all the little details. I will built your site and show you the result.

If you are not happy I will redo it and change the things you want to have changed.

Feel free to have a look at my web design page and contact me to find out how we can help you find and built the best website for your organization or business.

I hope you will understand now that web design for a small business does not have to be as expensive as most companies make you believe.

Edward van Aken